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What do you mean by inconvenient irony? 

The economic discourse across the world is becoming increasingly unforgiving.  People are often surrounded by social media feeds which simply amplify their own thoughts back of them.  This is all a classic example of black and white thinking.  I'm right and you're wrong or you're wrong and I'm right.  Where have the shades of grey gone?  Because let's face it, I know there are tons of people out there who lean left wing on certain issues, right on other issues and are squarely in the middle on others. However,  there is a desire out there to push people in to one extreme or another.  The old, 'you're either with us or against us' mentality.  Rather, I believe it's about nuance and the ability to see different sides of the same coin.  As the inconvenient ironist, I simply point out dogma when I see it and the ridiculous ironies that exist in how we manage life or the 'dogma du jour' if you like, much of which exists without us actually being consciously aware of how completely ridiculous it is.  I can point out these mental lapses amusingly, seriously and sometimes I'll do it through my spoken word allegories, but however I do it, it's worth joining me on social media and reading my blog.  You won't agree with me every time but that's the point, that's the challenge to hear something you may not agree with and yet be able to consider it a valid point of view, with something to be gained from having listened.

Since I am a spoken word artist, I will also entertain you from time to time with a poetic allegory in video format.  These are my thoughts about the world wrapped up in the humour and adventures of a series of animals. I have stories that feature a cat, penguin, pig, duck, and a chicken and so on and they span subjects from our growing inequality to climate change, inept political figures, our clumsy international diplomacy and much more.  

In your book 'Crump the Cat,'​ why did you turn the former US President in to a cat?  

You'll have to forgive me, it's my British sense of humour and I grew up with the greats of British comedy, who took pride in the fact that everyone and everything in life is subject to being made fun of.  To me, Donald Trump is a bombastic tomcat.  I turned Boris Johnson in to a baboon.  Also, have you ever noticed cats hang around people that hate them.  They just don't go away. They sit on your lap, rub themselves against you, purr in your face and you just can't stand them. 

It's just 28 pages. Is your book 'Crump the Cat' book worth the money?  If you can only measure wit in pages then you can say that I'm short on wit, but of course I wouldn't say that and neither will you, not if you buy my book. You can see more about my book here.

Why do you think satirical poetry and commentary is important? Because it holds a lens up to society and gets people to understand that the world they live in is utterly and completely mad, with so many illogical ideologies and belief systems, it's frightening.

Have you written other books?  All my poems, with the exception of Crump the Cat are just waiting to be made in to books and I'm sure I will find the right person/publishing company for the job at some point.  I'm in no hurry and I'm a firm believer that someone will appear when the time is right.  


From my standpoint, I believe much of what we 'read' now is more for the social capital of having the right book on our bookshelf.  Sometimes we feel we must read something because we have to keep up with an ever changing social landscape.  I'm happy to say I write for enjoyment and I perform for the same reason.  I am not bound by saying the 'right' thing.  That's the point, to have a voice that is free from convention, from the 'right way' of thinking.  So I will happily wait to find a publisher whose vision coincides with mine. 


In the meantime, I have stories that feature a capitalist chicken who finds out endless growth on a finite planet is not the answer.  I have a frog who finds that her green energy driven froggy utopia comes with its own issues, a vegetarian pig battling for his rights.  I have a capitalist asthmatic penguin who thinks that having his own ice version of Versailles can free him from the environmental mess he has initiated.  In the end, I am guided by Walter Lippmann's famous words, "When all think alike, then no one is thinking."

My stories and commentary bare my heart and soul.  Please enjoy what this site has to offer.

Thank you.